If I Had To Give Away $1000000

You have been given $1,000,000.00 to use as you wish, however you can not keep any of it. Who would you give the money to?

Damn! I get all that money and I can’t keep any of it? Well the best way to use that 1 million dollars or Rs. 61,750,000 is to give it to charity – but the right charities. Secular run charities that can take care of the orphaned children, the poor, the ill and the handicapped. Not to a temple or church or any religious run organization but to a genuine one. Or if I can get a few like minded people together I’ll try and arrange it so that the money is directly given to a volunteer run charity that will ensure that the money goes to taking care of the poor and needy.

What about dogs & cats? I’d like to do something for them too. A safe shelter for the abused and homeless animals so that they can be treated in a humane way. With people who care for them. Keep them safe, feed and clean and give them proper check ups. Do the right thing and keep them off the streets where they can cause trouble for both themselves and people.

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