I’d Spend A Week In A Treehouse If I Cud’

A treehouse is the dream of every young boy, especially in his preteens. I mean, if you lived in a house with your parents and siblings, you craved for a tree house in your yard, secluded from the folks and that annoying sister of yours! You could create your dream world inside the four walls of the treehouse.

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You could hold secret meetings, create a club with your best friends and conspire together to get back at those sneeky girls! You can sit and read comics, share all the latest stories, swap sports cards and argue about which is the best team or player until the sun comes up!

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You can even spy on neighbouring houses with your telescope, mabe even catch your first glimpse of naked boobs too! And ofcourse, the very first Playboy or Penthouse magazine that you have gone through would also be shared with your buddies while tucked away in the safety of the treehouse.

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