If I Made a Living from Art

It depends on what you mean when you say art – would you also consider music and composing songs as art? I do and that’s what I most wish I could do and was good at. I wish I could be an accomplished flamenco guitarist and composes all these excellent musical pieces that I could record and have my cds being sold all over the world and have people come to see my concerts and buy my cds & dvds. Heavy metal & hard rock is also something I consider as art. Why? Cause there are many songs from that genre that make me pause and think, make me long, make me wishful, make me laugh, make me sombre, make me cry, make me angry, make me inspired and make me love! Art does that to you and good artful works need to be treasured in that way.

I used to draw a lot when I was a kid. Until I guess the age of 12 or so, I would do pencil drawings and my mom at one time wanted to send to learn drawing. I never thought that I had much talent as I only usually only drew figures of comic heroes and most of them had the same expressions and faces! My favourite drawing that I did was of this girl who was briefly my girlfriend – I drew her face with a single tear falling on her cheek. I do not know why I choose the tear to fall from her eyes on that drawing but I and some of my friends thought that it was quite good – I was 15 at the time. Now I do wish that I had taken classes and gone on to paintings.

I also wish I could sculpt and carve – things out of wood and other stuff. I’d like that a lot. But even more than that I’d love to make guitars – I just love things made out of wood and after the final polish & finish make it look like a masterpiece of the finest order. That really is a wonderful thing. I’d have a grand collection. And I also consider writing to be an art and would love to be an author, writing good fictional stories that people just simply adore. That’s what I would want to make a living out of.

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