If I Were an Editor Which One Would I Choose?

I wouldn’t pick any magazine. I’m start my own magazine that would be a varied topic wise magazine focusing on interesting things from around the world, science, space, the arts, literature, science fiction, music, tv & movies, sports and ofcourse from the interwebs. All in one magazine. Sound familiar? It’s like my blog!

Ofcourse I know my blog is in no way a professional one and I am in no way insinuating that it is by that last statement! What I mean though is that I focus on various topics to blog about and that’s because those are where my interests lie. I take from here and there and serve up a virtual smorgasbord of delicious delights & tidbits that hopefully keep you coming back for more. I’d encourage feedback & debates on various subjects. Discussions, interviews, reviews, analysis & dissections of the events. And it will be cool. Now all I need is a nice name for it.

Your World? Vignettes from The World? Hmmmm Smorgasbord does have a nice ring to it. How about Planet Vibes?

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