If I Won Free Plane Tickets

There are so many places that I would want to visit and stay in if possible. If I won two free plane tickets I would be spoiled for choice as there’s so many wonderful places that I could go to and have fun watching the sites and taking in all those that the city has to offer. Canada has been my top place to visit for a very long time and I would consider myself lucky if I could go to one of the cities there. I also like the UK, Spain, Holland, parts of the US, Ireland, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, Italy etc etc. But which city?

Well for a few months now St. John’s in Newfoundland has been enticing me to come and share in the fun. This is a beautiful & colourful city, at the Eastern End of Canada & North America. It looks like a fun & charming city with plenty of pubs to have some pints and lots of sea food. Republic of Doyle has also done wonders to promote this fab city. I’d like to go there if I could.

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One thought on “If I Won Free Plane Tickets

  1. St. John’s does look great but if I had free plane tickets I would definitely go to Paris. I want to go there so bad. Hopefully, soon….

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