If Money Were No Object

Music & movie critic : I already do this as a hobby on my blog but I’d love to have it spread around and have lots of people reading my reviews & criticism. I won’t be like some fruity movie bashing pompous & arrogant prick who belittles everything about a movie. I’d be more bias-free and offer my honest opinions. Anything that I like will also get my undying affection & loyalty. You can tv series to the movies too.

Wallpaper & theme creator: A few years ago I had created a few desktop themes for Windows. I had it uploaded to my Geocities website but ofcourse that is now defunct. I think I still have copies of those themes saved in a DVR somewhere. I really enjoyed creating them, painstakingly creating wallpapers, icons, music clips for alerts & all that stuff. Ofcourse I don’t have the kind of time (or patience apparently) at the moment to create those stuff but if I could I would do that for a living.

Professional masseur for Playboy’s Playmates : need no explanation!! Heck I’d do that for free!!!

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One thought on “If Money Were No Object

  1. If money were no object I’d be a conservationist and buy up huge tracts of land all over thre world to save all the forests and endangered species. I would also own a chocolate factory and get my chocolate made to order. Haha.

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