If We Could Explore The Universe

If you were on a spaceship, what would you be most excited about seeing?

I’m getting visions of traveling the universe on a spaceship with my late dog Shawny. Well I do hope I go and see a lot of comets and asteroids and chase after some of them. I want to see many, many beautiful planets and even land on them to see what they look like. For some reasons I am also getting Tintin comics vibes with this question – remember in the comics when Tintin, Haddock & Snowy were the first people and dog to walk on the moon. Ofcourse they were joined soon by Cuthber Calculus, Thompson & Thomson a little later.

I would love to see the era of humans traveling among the stars and well, making it easy for anyone and everyone to do so. You want to travel, you contact the organization that runs the space travel, book your room or suite for you and whoever else is in your party (wife, kids, dogs, cats, parents etc) and then board the spaceship at the said time and relax in your quarters until it is time for your to explore and have fun. In the meantime, enjoy the food and drinks, the various activities (you know like on on a cruise ship) and relax.

I know it sounds so fantastic but at one point in history, traveling on a cruise ship would have something in a dream. Now it is a reality and has been for so long that no one seems to be awed by the prospect of a month long cruise or even longer. Some day that will be us in outer space.

Prompt from Lalilo June ’21 Writing Prompt Calendar at Lalilo.com

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