If You Were A Dog…

If you were a dog, what type would you be and who would own you?

I would be the family golden retriever. Playful, obedient, loving & loyal to a fault and yet have an independent spirit. I would belong to a young family, brought home as a puppy to a dad & mum pair. Husband and wife looking to start their own family in their new house that they just bought. After a few days of getting used to being the puppy who left his dog family behind and missing his siblings, I will get used to being in my new family and being loved by the humans.

Soon I engage in play, getting taken for walks, hate grooming & getting my nails done at the doggie spa by the girls who work there always give me lots of love and treats. So I am gentle with them and give them lots of kisses. I love going on long drives in their SUV and going to the park. Soon after I turn 2 years old they welcome a pair of fraternal twins – a boy and a girl. Now my whole life revolves around the two babies.

So I lie down for the kiddies to play with me, lie next to me using my body as their favourite pillow and fetching things for them. I am so gentle that they can play with me in the backyard as the kiddies grow up and start walking and still I their favourite playmate. I am like a 3rd parent. That’s what I am.

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