If I could do anything right now, this very second without hesitation is to get out here. This place, this time, this reality. 36 is more than enough. I want a new life. I have had enough of the one I have. I need a change. I need a break, I need a charge out of life!

If I could do anything I would change my life and get out of here. Especially get outta here. I would get a one-way tickey to somewhere else, a place where I could see myself living and be happy. I want to LIVE life rather than let it happen and have it pass me by! I want a place where I can have my favourite foods, drinks and beverages at arm’s length. I want to be able to hear my favourite kinds of music and my favourite artists visit the place that I live in, so I can go and enjoy seeing/hearing them live in concert. I want to be able to see all the movies that I want to see the week they get released. I want to be able to attend Scifi conventions where the actual film/tv series producers, actors and writers attend in person.

I want coffeeshops next to where I live. I want discount book stores & music stores on the same street that I live in. I want a great bar and a couple of great cafes near me. I want a weekend house near the sea side and near the mountains. I want a river flowing near where I live. I want birds chirping, lots of trees nearby and breeze blowing in at all times. I want pets – 2 kitties and 2 puppies! I want horses, I want eagles and owls. I want fish in an open aquarium. I want clean air, I want clean water. I want the woman of my dreams to share this life with me. I want lots of money and life a quiet life of contentment. I want peace and tranquility. I want good discussions on improving the human lifestyle. I want relaxation. I want a whole new life.

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