I’m A Dog Person

I like cats, wouldn’t mind having one or two with me but if given a choice it would be dogs all the way!

I just love the way a dog loves you unconditionally and in turn it makes you love him or her unconditionally. Having had a dog for 11 years and then taking care of my sister’s dog for a year, I think it has made me appreciate even more the nature of these noble animals.

As a child I always though that Alsatians were the only kind of dogs to have. That’s because they were the only dogs I had known off. Then I got to know more about dogs from my school friends – a few of them had pomeranians, dalmatians, labradors, dobermans, boxers, pugs…the list goes on.

I’m particularly fond of golden retrievers and both black & yellow labs. These are the best kind to have. I also like the beautiful Bernese Mountain dogs.

I’m a dog person without a dog. When I get a house, I will also get another dog.

2 thoughts on “I’m A Dog Person

  1. Kittens got claws. I’ve had 6 kittens at one time. My sis & I took care of them for a few weeks until they ran away with their momma.

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