I’m Relaxing & I’m Content

Hmmmmmm! You know that sound? I can best put it in that format. It’s the sound of me stretching my body and muscles after a long sleep. It’s also the sound of contentment and laziness.

Why contentment & laziness you say? Well check out my last few days, starting Thursday. We’ll forget about the last week’s Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday, which were all work. Thursday I left the office early (6:15 pm) and had a few drinks & good food with my buddies. Came home & slept. Friday was a holiday on account of some bearded guy getting crucified all those years ago (and it’s called Good Friday?). So I was at home relaxing.

Saturday I went to work and it was boring. Nothing much to do, so I sipped coffee and some other hot beverage (Boost I think) and browsed the internet for a few hours on my work station until it was time to go home. Then it was Sunday, so more laziness at home. Monday I went back to work from 9 am till 6:30 pm, conducting an induction. Nothing heavy to work on. I left the office, had a couple of beers with some fish & veggies and came home.

Tuesday is Vishu – the Malayalam New Year and begining of the harvest season in the state of Kerala. So I have an off day from work! I wish it could be like this all of the time. Work one day, get an day off the next! That would be a wonderful life!

And guess what? I have to go to work tomorrow but because of the elections being held on Thursday, we may get an off on that day as well. It’s not finalized yet, we’ll only get to know for sure tomorrow. But that would be superb! Work one day, take an off the next!

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