Important Factors In Chosing A Town To Live In

mindbump suggested by Life in Eureka Springs

“What are the most important factors for you in choosing which town to live? Some factors to rate are: weather, population, job market, accessibility, recreation, churches, schools, shopping, crime rate, etc.”

Well my options are very limited considering where I live and most probably, with my situation, it will be job + money offered that would be the prime factor since I live where I live. If I were in say Canada or the UK or the US or Australia or any nice Western nation then here are the choices that would factor in:

  • job market
  • the lesser number of religious nutcases
  • crime rate
  • weather
  • pollution
  • accessibility
  • entertainment
  • food scene
  • drinking scene (atleast some good beers & bars, I’m not a night club kinda guy)
  • chances of seeing good live bands

I can’t think of much else at the moment. I’d take things as they come. Maybe some good, cheap weed

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