Improvisational Dinner

I wish I had a camera to showcase it to you my readers! But I guess that my description will have to do.

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I was wondering what to do for dinner. Since I had a couple of beers and some good lunch, I didn’t want anything major but by 10 pm I was hungry again. Problem is there isn’t anything in the fridge that I can make for dinner – I can’t really cook!

But wait – I had bought this huge sliced loaf of white bread, which I had remembered as a brand that tasted soft & not too sweet (I hate sweetened bread and as a rule prefer garlic or wheat bread), so I looked for something to go with it. Not much as it turned out but I can improvise. And I did!

Dinner is 4 slices of huge soft bread, lightly fried onions, a dab of tomato sauce & sprinkles of Oregano seasoning that was left over from Dominos. pizza that I had ordered last week. One word – DELICIOUS!!

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