In Search Of More RAM

For the second time in 2 months I am going to increasing the RAM on my computer. Only this time it’s not my personal laptop, the one I am typing this on. Instead it’s on the work pc assigned to me by the company I work for.

In June I had gone to HP world and asked them increase the RAM on my laptop. It was 4GB only and I paid to have them remove that and put in two 8GB RAM chips inside and I love it. This is the way to go and I cannot believe how I ever managed without the 16GB. It’s been pretty smooth sailing on my laptop since then.

Well yesterday we got word that we can take our systems to the office to enhance the RAM in them. I can take the CPU in a few days and get the measly 4GB extended to 8GB. This will be good as sometimes the system is struggling to open a few files and gets stuck at times. Good thing we now have the option.

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