In The Bag

What’s in your bag?

Ahem, it’s a laptop bag. Or satchel? No? I guess it is a laptop bag. I have a now weathered and ripped in a couple of places bag that I carry to and fro work. Main things that I need and do keep in this bag are – no, not a laptop – an umbrella (hey I do live in Kerala) and a plastic bottle for water.

I also had a diary that I keep for notes and stuff at work. Maybe a couple of notepads again filled with notes about a project or a new work tool that I had to learn. There will be a pen or two and markers for when I have to conduct training sessions at the office. Let me clarify – the markers are from the office but I hate leaving them in the training rooms as sometimes someone comes in and picks them and then I have to go hunting for new ones.

I sometimes have a packet of biscuits or some dinner in it, wrapped up ofcourse, or maybe a small packet of M&Ms since that is my favourite treat these days. And I have started keeping a powerbank with me as well for my phone. And a spare asthma inhaler.

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