In The Stage of Recovery

The past two days were spent by me in bed. Yeah right! I wish it were all pleasure but no I was sick. I caught the flu or something. I had a fever, cough, cold and flem infection. These are not new to me but the intensity certainly was. All Saturday, I barely could get up to go to the loo a couple of times. I ate little, like rice water & a couple of slices of dry toasted bread. I slept through most of the day and didn’t answer any calls. The fever came and went and came back again – I was shivering all night.

Sunday was no better with me unable to eat or drink or even be able to sit up for more than a minute. My parents said to get to the doctor and an hour and a half after I sat up I was able to get dressed to go the hospital nearby. The doc gave me a check up and said it was my allergies acting up due to the weather. But he still gave me a shot and 5 tablets plus one cough cyrup (the colour of watery baby poo) and boy does it suck!

I came back and crashed on the bed and immediately fell asleep for a solid 90 mins. Woke up briefly for more rice & water and took my meds. The evening was no different as I just slept and slept and by night I was feeling a little better. Today I can sit up and my cough is the only thing that is the same as on Saturday. But I feel better enuff to sit and watch a little tv and a couple of episodes of Star trek : Voyager online, while resting on my bed for a couple of hours during the afternoon. Being sick sucks!

Song for the day – “Waiting” – MAREN ORD

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