In Those Final, Pre-Meteor Hours

A giant meteor is headed toward Earth. What do you do with the last day of your life?

I’d wake up early and watch the sunrise, my final sunrise on Earth, with some of my favourite morning songs and some strong coffee. After a shower & a shave (gotta face that meteor looking clean & sharp), I’d have a hearty breakfast and change into neatly pressed clothes. I’d travel to all the place nearby that I like, place that mean something to me. I’d spend some time at the beach as that’s one of my favourite place to be.

I’d try to meet as many friends & loved ones as possible. I’d say my sorrys and ask for forgiveness from those who I’ve hurt and forgive those who hurt me. The latter is ofcourse only if they wish to apologize to me. And to those assholes who I hate; well it’s the double middle finger to them and a loud ‘Fuck You, motherhumpers’ for them!

I’d eat some fried chicken or pizza for lunch/dinner, have some ice cream and join my friends for a final booze fest. Drink beer, brandy & my fav vodka! Toast my final toasts to all the good things we were lucky to have on our existence on mother Earth. Towards nightfall, I’d hug my friends and say my goodbyes and leave for home.

At home I’ll crank up the volume and rock out to my favourite songs. You have to go out in style. And as the metero reaches the atmosphere and panic strikes, people jump of buildings and cliffs, killing themselves before the inevitable – there’s just one more thing that I gotta do! One more thing that I gotta do, before the meteor hits this planet and kills all life on it!

I gotta get my family into the secret big spaceship that was built for this very reason and fly ourselves outta here and LEAVE YOU ALL SUCKERS BEHIND TO DIE!

Nanny nanny boo boo!

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