Indefinite Bus Strike In Kerala

The indefinite bus strike launched by private bus workers since midnight demanding wage hike has hit the mobility of people across the state. Starting from today we have an almost total strike for buses as the state run KSRTC has failed to run additional services (as usual the government fails to help the public when it is needed) and they have used more buses for the Sabirmala area for devotees & pilgrims in that area. Reports from various districts said the impact of the strike was severe in northern and central districts, where people depend heavily on private buses for their movement.

All bus workers unions affiliated to major central trade unions including CITU, INTUC and BMS, are participating in the strike demanding an immediate payment of 50 per cent interim relief. Union leaders said the workers were “compelled” to launch the strike, causing difficulty to the people, as bus owners had refused to honour a commitment on pay increase made during a tripartite negotiation three months back. Therefore a heavy rush was seen by people in the available KSRTC buses in the cities, like in Cochin.

To make matters worse government offices will come to a standstill from tomorrow after employees and teaches start an indefinite strike seeking withdrawal of the government decision to introduce contributory pension. A section of KSRTC employees too have supported the strike and will protest from 6 am to 6 pm tomorrow. Wonderful, just wonderful my dear Keralites.

Emerging Kerala my ass! We can’t even get to work properly.

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