Indiana Jones & The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull

download three and out movie The long awaited 4th Indian Jones movie Indiana Jones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull did not disappoint it’s legions of fans. The combination of George Lucas, Steven Speilberg and Harrison Ford as the protagonist cannot fail. But this will be probably be the last Indy movie with Ford taking the mantel of the famed fictional adventurer. Ford will turn 67 later this year and it’s fitting that the mantel of Indiana Jones will be turned over to the actor who plays his son in this film, Shia Lebouf.

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So what’s good about this movie? Well, 19 years after the last Indy movie, The Last Crusade, Indy is older, wiser & more calmer. He’s a professor on sabbatical, chasing down an alien crystal skull, after the Soviets (lead by Dr. Irina Spalako played admirably by Cate Blanchett) steal the remains of a dead alien from Area 51. He is joined by greaser Mutt Williams, who turns out to be Indy’s son by Marion Ravenwood, looking for his family friend and former Jones colleague Oxley.

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Chases in Peru & the Amazonian jungle, fighting natives, car chases, sword fighting, falling down waterfalls and fending of deadly army ants are just some of the adventures that the duo, who are joined by Ravenwood, Oxley & McHale, have to face. They reach an ancient temple built to the aliens who visited Earth centuries ago and return the skull back. At the end of the film, Jones married Ravenwood and in a poignant moment, we see the mantle being passed on to Mutt…..perhaps!

Thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie, which has made $786,636,033 worldwide on a $185 million budget. Indiana Jones rulz! 8 outta 10.

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