Induction Tomorrow

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Tomorrow, since my usual TRT (Training Relationship Team) SPOC is on leave, I will be hosting an induction program for about 25-28 new joinees to the call center. The other guy who has been backing up the girl who normally does this for our center will be taking a training batch. Some of the older readers might remember that I used to conduct these induction programs until I got promoted about 9 months ago.

It’s no big deal and since I am used to it I know what to expect. But the caliber & behaviour of the recent inductees have left a lot to be desired. Due to the financial recession, we’ve had to take in fresh call center executives at a lower salary package and it has not been good for us. A lot of them, it seems, are not serious about the job and have come to us as a stop gap arrangement between academic courses. Or while waiting the results of an interview at a higher paying salary, both here and outside the state.

This has caused me sleep and lots of tension for my trainers. I think it’s tough but I have to find a way to weed out the riff raf and chuck out any potential idiots who will ruin things in the long run. It’s true that we need people as our business is increasing but the college crowd that we get are not up to the mark. And they don’t know how to dress for an office. Oh well, c’est la recession! I will let you know how it goes.

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