Injured Leg & Personal Update

Well how are you dear reader? How’s it going at your end? Me, I’m on semi bed rest for almost 2 days now due to a little self-inflicted injury that stupid ole me did to myself, so to speak. Sunday night I was getting ready to lie in bed around 10pm and watch some tv shows before going to sleep. Just the usual routine that I follow, nothing special. But – I stepped on and slipped on the end of my own lungi, my slightly large lungi and slid into the bedpost.

I hit the bedpost with my right leg, right above the knee and I did hit it hard but I didn’t think much of it at the time. I mean it hurt a little but it will hurt if you hit yourself against solid wood right? I went ahead and watched my shows and then went to sleep. The next morning, that is yesterday, my leg was hurting in the same area. Pretty soon I couldn’t move my right leg without inflicting pain. There was some swelling in the area above my knee as well.

So I’ve been mostly restricted to my bed and keeping off my feet once the pain got too bad. I’ve been using an anti-inflamatory spray called Volini on my leg and it has brought the swelling down but there is still some pain and therefore I am still in bed for the most part. I hope it’s all healed up by tomorrow or the day after atleast.

3 thoughts on “Injured Leg & Personal Update

  1. Hope you’re all fit, up and about by now!

    Must admit I had to look up “lungi” I had no idea what it was, at first I thought it was a pet name for a body part! LOL (Stupid English Woman eh!)

  2. Hahaha – lungi is a casual & colourful dhoti that is mostly worn indoors. It’s comfortable and perfect for us guys in our hot weather.

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