Ink Stains & Bob

You have 20 minutes to write a post that includes the words mailbox, bluejay, plate, syrup, and ink. And one more detail… the story must include a dog named Bob

So…..I woke up that morning, at around the same time and did my daily routine. It was a Saturday so no office to go to and I had the whole weekend ahead of me to do what I wanted. So I lazed around the house, reading the newspaper, drinking coffee, making breakfast and taking a long shower. I wasn’t really interested in doing anything more strenuous than finding a place to have dinner or thinking about what shows or movies to watch.

At 1pm, I was dressed and planning to go out when I saw a bluejay land on my mailbox as if it was trying to alert me that I had an urgent mail waiting for me to read. I called out to the little birdie and walked up to the mailbox and opened it, to find a flyer inviting me to try out a new store that makes maple syrup and sells them in these large jars. Hmm, I like syrup so why not? I drove over to the store, on my way to have lunch, and bought 2 large jars of the maple syrup and then drove over to my favourite bbq restaurant and ordered a plate of ribs with a few side items. Having enjoyed my lunch I decided to walk over to the nearby pier and take in the breeze and walk off my lunch.

As a few minutes passed I noticed this young lady who was walking her dog, a Bloodhound, and as she came nearer to me I noticed a small ink stain on her blouse. Without thinking I looked at her and pointed to her chest – bad idea! She was initially shocked and almost hit me with her purse and her dog started barking at me. I managed to stop her and let her know that the ink stain is what I was pointing out to and she was embarrassed and apologized for her hasty reaction. She then introduced herself to me and said that her name was Marianne. And that her dog’s name was Bob.

Nice to meet you Marianne. And you too Bob! Who was peeing on my shoe at that very moment!

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5 thoughts on “Ink Stains & Bob”

  1. Nice! You did well with the challenge. Pointing at the lady’s chest was about the worst hasty decision you made that day, but we’re glad it turned out nice in the end, no? Lool!

    Cheers blogger.

  2. Good story, though “syrup” is singular. You referred to it in the plural. Pointing to a strange woman’s chest can never lead to anything but weird feelings.

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