Insidious : Chapter 2

I had watched the first Insidious movie back in May of last year and today sat back to watch the sequel Insidious : Chapter 2. Once again directed by James Wan, produced by Jason Blum & Oren Peli the movie stars Patrick Wilson, Rose Byrne, Lin Shaye, & Barbara Hershey return in the roles of the first film along with writer Leigh Wannel & Angus Sampson as Elise Rainer’s assistants. Ty Simpkins joins the cast as a fellow medium. The movie follows shortly  the events of the first one.

We start off with a flashback to 1986 and Lorraine Lambert who is troubled about the images of an old woman who appears in photographs of Josh but not in real life. Her friend a medium named Carl comes in to help and unable to do so calls Elise to help discover what is haunting Josh. After hypnotizing Josh, Elise attempts to find the location of Josh’s “friend” through playing Hot or Cold. After warnings from Josh, Elise makes her way to his bedroom closet and is scratched along the arm. Elise comes back down and tells Lorraine & Carl that making Josh forget his astral projection abilities is the best thing to do. They agree but not before it seems like Josh is speaking to someone else and points towards a door that opens on it’s own. We then come to the present and the cops are interrogating Renai on the death of Elise and the detective says that they will check the finger marks on Elise’s throat and see if it matches Josh’s.

Josh, Renai and the kids move to Lorraine’s house for the time being. As everyone goes to bed, Renai begins witnessing strange occurrences throughout the house such as the piano playing by itself when Renai is not in the room. Josh tells her not to worry but things in the house does not seem right. The next day, Renai sees a woman wearing a white dress sitting in the living room. Following the cries of her baby throughout the house, Renai comes face-to-face with the woman in white and is knocked unconscious. Worried about the incidents in the house, Lorraine had gone to visit Specs & Tucker and the decide to call Carl, who hasn’t been in touch with Lorraine in a long while. The four of them attempts to contact Elise on the other side using word-dice. Through the dice they are told to find answers at the “Our Lady of Angels” hospital, where Lorraine used to work, and we see flashbacks of a patient named Parker Crane, who committed suicide by jumping off the roof many years ago. Parker had once grabbed hold of a young Josh who was visiting his mother at the hospital. The four decide that Elise is leading them to this man’s house. After breaking into Parker’s home, they find a black gown and veil as well as newspaper clippings about a man referred to as “The Dark Bride” who kidnapped and murdered several people while dressed as a woman. It is then revealed to them that it was not Elise speaking through the dice, but actually Parker’s mother.

Renai recovers with Josh by her side and he assures her that the baby is safe. Lorraine comes to the house and takes Renai and the kid away and explains to Renai about the origin of “The Bride In Black” and the theory that the real Josh is trapped in the Further. After they leave Carl comes to meet Josh at the house, with Specs & Tucker monitoring from outside, with plans to drug Josh. The plan fails, however, and Josh incapacitates Carl, Specs and Tucker. After receiving a message saying everything is okay, Lorraine and Renai return to the house only to be ambushed by Josh. Locking Lorraine in the closet, Parker in Josh’s body attempts to choke Renai but Dalton, who has returned home with Foster, hits him with a baseball bat and the boys & Renai then escape to the basement where they barricade themselves in the laundry room. Lying down in a corner with a tin can telephone, Dalton falls asleep and returns to the Further to rescue his father. Simultaneously, Josh begins making his way into the room by hammering through the drywall. Meanwhile in the Further the real Josh stumbles upon Carl and the two look for Elise, finding her spirit at the Lamberts’s previous home. The 3 of them then  go to Parker’s house where they witness his mother, the woman in white, abusing him as a child, whereby she attempts to convince him that he is a girl. The mother notices the group observing and locks Carl and Elise out of the room.

Josh turns around to see the room dark and many sheet covered figures & upon finding Parker’s mother among the bodies, the two engage in a fight. Just as Parker who possessed Josh’s body is about to kill Dalton’s physical body, Elise enters the room with the help of young Parker and saves Josh by hitting the mother from behind. After the three escape the house, they meet Dalton, who assists Carl and Josh to return to real time. After Josh and Dalton wake up as themselves, their memories of their astral projection abilities are forgotten through a process of hypnosis by Carl. The last scene of the movie is Specs & Tucker visiting a family, who’s daughter had the same ability and they are joined by Elise’s spirit. Before the film fades to black we see Elise terrified of something she sees in  the corner of the room.

Not bad, good scares and all that but I found some of the explanations of the events seen in the film to be far fetched and a little too silly. Still a 7.5 outta 10 for me!

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