Instant Karma?

Today’s blog prompt was something on “karma” but instead of a response to that question, I’ve chosen to blog about an incident I remember from a few years ago:

Back in 2007, the Chicago Blackhawks were in a match against the Colorado Avalanches, and Blackhawk Steve Sullivan was having a rough game. He had to leave for a short time after his face was cut open from taking a high-stick to the nose — which would put any normal man in the hospital for a week but merely warrants a short time-out for a hockey player. Plus, a Colorado fan apparently found Sullivan’s injury hysterical and hurled insults while Sullivan was taken off the ice, gushing blood.

The guy heckled Sullivan, an injured man, relentlessly. He appeared to genuinely enjoy the concept of a serious head injury. Well, far be it from Fate to keep a man away from the things he loves …Sullivan re-entered the game and scored two goals on Colorado goalie Patrick Roy. Roy, desperately trying to clear the puck from the goal, accidentally shot it over the boards and hit the fan with the world’s most punchable face right in the head.

Sullivan, couldn’t resist going over to give the dickish fan a little grief back. As Sullivan later noted, the shot was practically a miracle — where the fan was sitting made him almost impossible to hit, accidentally or not. Just to rub salt in the proverbial head wound, the fan also ended up needing more stitches than Sullivan. To rub lemon juice in that salt, here’s the fan’s own girlfriend laughing and giving Sullivan a thumbs-up while her boyfriend bleeds out into a T-shirt.

Karma is a bitch laughing at your face buddy! Here’s a video – enjoy!

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