Interested In Becoming A Locksmith?

Locksmiths are professionals that install, repair, and modify locks for clients. It may be the right career for you if you enjoy working with your hands, engaging in creative problem solving, and are fascinated by security technology. To become an emergency Ottawa locksmith, get a high school diploma or a GED. Then, complete a vocational program or take a short class on locksmithing to get the education necessary for certification. The certification process varies depending on where you live, so look the requirements up online. Submit your certification paperwork to the state where you live and find an entry-level position in your area to begin your career as a locksmith.

What does a locksmith do?
Locksmiths install, repair, replace, unlock and adjust locks on doors, windows, car doors, safes and more. They also provide consultation services to homes and businesses that want to improve security by focusing on their locks and peripheral security services. Locksmiths are also well-known for working untraditional hours to provide emergency on-call services to people who are locked out of homes and automobiles.

Average salary for locksmiths
According to Indeed Salaries, locksmiths make $47,513 per year. In some cases, they may receive overtime pay for working outside of business hours. The typical tenure for the locksmith position is between 2 and 4 years.

How to become a locksmith
If you want to become a locksmith, consider following these steps:

  • Complete a training program.
  • Take on an apprenticeship.
  • Get your license in applicable states/provinces and districts.
  • Work for a locksmith company and develop skills.

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