International Package Delays

One of the biggest problems due to Covid-19 related issues is the delay in getting packages and parcels delivered to you. Although local delivery, ie. India to India delivery is back to normal and has been normal for a while (for the most part though it does seem that some 3rd party sellers are still affected and cannot deliver to all parts of India). So for the most part Amazon India and Flipkart, which are the only two online websites that I purchase from, have been back to normal.

I place a lot of orders on Amazon India and a few on Flipkart. Since the sanctions of non-essentials were lifted I placed a few orders for toiletries like shampoo and deodorants and even some ointments plus some masks. Then I started looking for shirts on both Flipkart and Amazon IN and even managed to pick up a new 2 TB drive, earphones, some coffee mugs, bedsheets and just yesterday I got a new bluetooth speaker. So India wise we are all good, unless we go into another shutdown if the rumours are true. But where I am facing issues is my international orders.

As some of you may know by now I place a lot of orders for the dvds that I buy from Amazon UK and a few on eBay (either .com or .uk). Also I do get a few Funko Pops (my collection is now 7) that I place on them. What I was usually get within 2-3 weeks is now overdue even after a month. So far it is 2 of them but I have placed around 8 to 9 orders and I feel all of them will get delayed. I hope they don’t get delayed by too much longer.

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