International Travel vs Space Travel

One free trip to space or free international travel for life? You are killing me with this prompt. I just cannot choose. I would love to travel in space but not the kind that we currently have. I don’t want to dress up in a monkey suit and float around weightless in something that resembles a big phone booth….wait that might actually be fun! Not the monkey suit but the weightless floating around. Floating balls of liquid that you have to chase around just to get that drink in! Might be fun!

But it’s only one flight to space and that’s it. Versus a lifetime of traveling and seeing all the wonderful places on earth that I want to see and have wanted to see for a very long time. Oh I want to see the UK & Ireland, Canada, Spain, France, the US, Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Fiji, Sweden, Norway, Denmark & Finland, Germany, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the UAE, Abu Dhabi, Morocco & Kuwait once again. Man what a dilemma. How can I choose? Me, the space geek, the Star Trek man. But oh, so many places to see on earth. So many foods, drink, beer, women and the culture!

Cruel, cruel blog prompt. I just cannot choose even if it is only one space trip. That is just so wrong to make me choose!

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