Interplanetary Travel

Anywhere away from here. This planet is fucked up and beyond repair – or atleast the dominant species on this planet seems to be so! I love the idea of traveling through space and visiting the various planets, star systems and galaxies that we have in our universe. Not that this planet isn’t beautiful – it certainly is but there could be more beautiful planets elsewhere. I would love to see the sights on the different planets and moons.

I dream of being able to travel in large spaceships and visit the various star systems. I dream of being able to pilot smaller spaceships to jump between various planets and moons in these star system. Forget just our solar system, I wanna see the whole universe and revel in it’s glory. See the horizon on different planets and compare it our own.

I’d like to visit Mars & Mercury and everywhere else in our solar system. In protective gear ofcourse. I wanna see the next star system and the next. Jump on alien land, play in the alien grass fields, take a bath in an alien river and go to sleep with an alien skyline above me. That would be awesome!

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