Interview With A Vampire Authour : Anne Rice On The Hour

GeorgeStroumboulopoulos interviews the queen of pop-culture vampires and gothic fiction. Anne Rice talks to George about her writing and her life. Now she’s come back to her gothic roots: her new novel is ‘The Wolf Gift‘ – a new take on the werewolf legend that raises questions about fate, redemption, the nature of good and evil.

2 thoughts on “Interview With A Vampire Authour : Anne Rice On The Hour

  1. I’m really excited Anne Rice is tackling werewolves. If anyone can follow the mythology properly, it’s her. I really love Anne Rice. She really is the high priestess of Gothic fiction. Fantastic interview!

  2. Vampires have become all sickly & sparkly due to the Twilight series. I couldn’t get into True Blood but atleast they r more true vampire like. I want Anne Rice vampires. I’m sure her werewolf books will be excellent.

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