Into The Abyss Will I Run

I first heard this song when the WWE showed promotional clips for their Pay-per-view event New Year’s Revolution 2006. I knew it was by the band Disturbed but I didn’t know the name of the song. The event came & went and I wasn’t sure of the name. Along the way, I kept thinking of the chorus and remembering that the line “Into The Abyss Will I Run”, I thought that the song’s name was “The Abyss”. I kept searching for the song all over the internet, with no luck ofcourse.

I just found out today that the song is actually called Stricken and what a song it is! Simply one of the best since 2000 and beyond. I love this song and plan on singing it at the next office function. If I can get my band mates to play the music, ofcourse. Play the clip, listen to the song & find the link to the lyrics below.


| Stricken lyrics

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