Intruder Alert

I was reading about intruders & breaking-ins at my Australian friend Selma’s blog and about sleeping through catastrophes in general. While reading about a couple of breaking-ins in that article, I was reminded of the couple of cases that cheapest personal loans uk we have dealt with in my family. Our break-ins have been of the comical variety, some of these robbers are pathetic to say the least. Here is a trip down memory lane:

  • When I was 11 or 12, my entire family on my mother’s side (uncles, aunts & cousins included) went on a summer vacation trip to places like Bangalore, Coimbatore, Mysore etc and when we came back, I noticed that someone had tried to steal a portable tape player, from the room I shared with my sister, through a window that was left open. It was not possible for him to do so since we had bars on the windows and the space was too narrow for the player to go through. I guess in frustration, the dude tried to take a couple of cassette tapes which probably fell from his hand fell as I later found them in a puddle of mud next to the house. I still remember which albums they were – my sister’s copy of George Michael’s Faith & my copy of John Norum’s Total Control. Needless to say, we had to get new copies of both.
  • On returning from a weekend trip to my dad’s family house in Irinjyalakuda, we noticed that something was amiss in the backyard. A thief had jumped the gate or the wall but he couldn’t break in! So he stole a tubelight that was lighting the back area of our house!
  • I must have been about 13 or 14 when a drunk but known thief tried to climb cheapest secured loans the wall between my grandmother’s house and the next door neighbours’. He slipped and fell and the neighbours caught him. People came from the area and beat him up. He reportedly spent some days in a jail and then moved to some other town.
  • A few years later, I was spending the weekend with my grandmother, my uncle, aunt and my two cousins at the same house, when we heard a ruckus outside. A lot of people were coming through the gate. When we opened the doors and checked as to what it was, it seems that the hotel owners opposite the house had caught someone coming into our compound and going away with…..a wicker chair!!! It turned out that the supposed thief was a local simpleton and drug user and he was hopped out of his cheapest secured loans mind on opium at the time! He got away with a sound thrashing and we got the chair back
  • Last but not least and my favourite one was at my uncle’s house, who lives two houses away from my old house in Thrikkakara. When he and my aunt were away to see their daughter at her college, a thief had broken in through the back door. The evidence was there to see for us to see and the next day I helped my uncle fix a new & tough lock on his door. As I inquired as to what was missing, my aunt & uncle broke into sheepish smiles! It seems that all that was missing was a bunch of – wait for it, you will never guess it, hold your breath – bananas!!! There were two tvs there in the house, one old & one new, a spanking new computer, two huge stereo systems, many house hold appliances, some 5000 bucks in a cupboard drawer and some other stuff, but no! Our Mr.Thiefy apparently had a potassium deficiency that he needed to take care of.

Not that I am complaining, you know. I am glad that none of these incidents were dangerous.

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