Iron Maiden : Flight 666

This is the ultimate concert touring documentary on the ultimate heavy metal band by the ultimate creators of rock band documentaries. Iron Maiden : Flight 666 is an awesome look at what an Iron Maiden tour looks like. In 2008 Iron Maiden put on their Somewhere Back In Time Tour. The band invited filmmakers Scot McFadyen and Sam Dunn to film not only what transpired on stage, but also behind the scenes. The film follows the band on the first leg of the tour between February and March 2008.

McFayden & Dunn join the band & the huge crew of about 70 people, 12 ton of stacks & stacks of equipment on a customized 757 jet plane, named Ed Force One and with a huge Eddie picture painted on the tail fin. What’s amazing is that singer Bruce Dickinson pilots the plane for most of the journey across countries. They visit 21 cities, playing 23 shows in 45 days. The Tour Stops: Mumbai/Perth/Melbourne [2 shows]/Sydney [2 shows]/Brisbane/Yokohama/Tokyo/Los Angeles/Guadalajara/Monterrey/Mexico City/San Jose (Costa Rica)/Bogota/Sao Paolo/Curitiba/Porto Allegre/Buenos Aires/Santiago/San Juan/East Rutherford, NJ/Toronto.

The dvd starts off with the Winston Churchill speech segment that leads off into Aces High played live in Mumbai, India. After rocking the Indian commercial capital off their blocks, Maiden storm into Australia for their first visit since 1992! Really? India has been visited 2 times in that time but Australia gets none in 16 years? Fancy that! Anyway Sydney & Melbourne are the two cities down under that get to enjoy a Maiden show not once but twice each. Perth & Brisbane also get a show each. While in Australia, we get a look at how the band members spend some time off – the private Adrian Smith goes to play tennis with Pat Cash while Dave Murray & Nicko McBrain play golf! It seems that Jannick Gers looks out for Irish pubs where ever he can and Steve Harris is always up for a game of football. But Bruce doing double duties as singer & pilot has less free time on his hands. From Australia it’s onto Japan and hearing from fans in Yokohama & Tokyo. Post that it’s a trip to Los Angeles, where amongst others who have come to see the band play, we see Chris Jericho, Kerry King, Lars Ulrich & Tom Morello.

Going to Central & South America the audiences get more intense. South Americans have long been into metal and Iron Maiden is a particular favourite. They concerts they play in these countries have larger audiences and who sing along with every lyric. It was great to see Maiden in Chile – a country where they were once banned for being termed as ‘satanic’. The feeling of euphoria on starting the show in Santiago must have been shared by the band members & fans alike. It was also awesome to see the Argentine audience singing louder than Bruce for the ‘ohhhhh’ in the song Fear Of The Dark. Post the South American cities, they return to New Jersey and then the final show in the hometown of the joint producers/directors – Toronto, Canada.

We see the band explore a pyramid in Mexico, we see back stage antics by the funny crew – including a bunch of them doing the lyrics for Run To The Hills chorus in sign language! Also it’s funny to know that Iron Maiden, as awesome Metal giants as they are, can also be brought down to weak white men who fall ill due to spicy Indian food or food poisoning! I LOLed at that!. Great dvd and long live Maiden!

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