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One of the movies that I was really excited about was Iron Man. An icon from my years growing up in Kuwait, he was a favourite comic boon hero to thousands of us kids. The movie, although has done very well and been given good reviews, has disappointed me. I don’t see much thought gone into the plot. Hindi movies have similar plots to the age old father figure who is actually bad & trying to get the hero killed; hero almost wiped out by a similar looking designed suit. Let me tell you this though – Robert Downey Jr was the perfect actor for this role. I initially had my doubts about Downey being a super hero type but he nailed it. And he showed the character’s flaws which is the best part – makes the Iron Man look human. Tony Stark is egoistic, power driven and full of himself. He also loves women!

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watch resident evil degeneration online I didn’t like the Afghanistan tie-in, although the Middle East has replaced the former Soviet Union as the terror of American, so I guess that was expected. The suit is awesome and some of the special effects are fab – the best sceans are when Stark is testing his new suit. Gwyneth Paltrow is wasted in a “pretty kitten secratary” role (come on) where she has exactly time to show 12% of her acting ability. Jeff Bridges looked perfect as the main villain – until I heard his voice after donning the Iron Monger suit! Typical big bad man voice and dialogue.

thin line between love and hate a dvd I’ll rate this movie 7/10 (but mostly for the effects) and I think I’ll watch it a couple of more times but I really don’t see it becoming my a favourite. By Febuary-March this dvd will probably start collection dust and lie unused in a corner of my cupboard. I hope the sequels are better.

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  1. I reluctantly went to the cinema to see this film and was pleasantly surprised, I really enjoyed it.

    But then Robert Downey Jr somewhat added to the enjoyment

  2. ok, before u lades throw ur make up kits at me, it was good. But I didn’t find it that great. Downey is great. He is one of my favs. But the movie cud have been so much more.

  3. Roshan, you have to realize that this is based upon the comic book story – with updates made to fit it into more modern times. Jeff Bridges’ character was his father’s best friend in that story, and does betray him here. I thought that he did a bang up job, especially since you don’t see him do anything bad until he tells Tony “who do you think….” outside that benefit.
    As for Afghanistan, that was a stroke of genius! I don’t understand why you didn’t like that part. It’s the one place on this earth that really needs some stability right now, and the terrain makes it a good spot to have Tony Stark kidnapped.
    As you said, Downey Jr’s own flaws help him be Tony Stark.
    All in all, this was a really great movie, and I don’t see how it could have been drastically improved! Gwyneth Paltrow and 12%? What’s the issue there – doesn’t she show enough skin for your liking? ;o)
    They are making a second part, and that will have War Machine in it – should make for an interesting movie!

  4. Sorry Manoj, the Afghanistan angle still does not appeal to me. So convenient!

    As for Paltrow showing skin, I never said that she wasn’t gorgeous. But any number of actresses could have done that role. Whereas only 3-4 actors could have played Tony Stark!

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