Ironing – Least Liked Household Chore

Ironing! I hate ironing but at times I just must do it. Every Monday morning a Tamilian ironing vendor (iron man?) comes around to our building, just like he does to a few other residential buildings & houses nearby, and collects the shirts, pants & mom’s sarees if any for ironing. When he is not around there is a small shop diagonally opposite our building where you can give clothes for ironing or for dry cleaning.

Now I never give cloths for dry cleaning (haven’t in ages) but on occasion I have needed to depend on that shop for pressing clothes. Usually I get by with the Monday ironing but I do find myself having to iron shirts atleast once a week or so and I hate it. I hate it because I can never get it done as neatly as the Tamilian or the shop guy downstairs, who do it like professionals. I just can’t do it the way they do it.

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One thought on “Ironing – Least Liked Household Chore

  1. Man I wish someone would come by and take my ironing! That being said, I can wear jeans to work, where my husband needs to wear a shirt and tie, so he’s got a lot more ironing than I do. I keep trying to tell him he needs to do it all at once, then he’d have his shirts all ready for the week, but nope, he irons (and complains) every morning.

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