Is It Or Is It Not Going To Rain, Damn It

Well I stayed in home today and watched the last 25 minutes of 23 in the morning. I woke up only by 9 am and had breakfast just at 11 am as I was a little put off by the weather. It was cool for sometime and then cloudy and a little hot a bit later. The sun has been hiding all day amongst the clouds, that cowardly son-of-a-bitch. I kept thinking, “it’s going to rain any minute, it’s going to rain any minute” and it never did. The day has looked so gloomy and I think that ruined my mood for the day, despite it being a rare 2 day off from work.

I heated up some leftover breakfast stuff (a little upma & kadala curry) and tosted a couple of slices of bread to have my late breakfast. Lunch was a miserable looking rice + old curry which had no taste and it was only the onions & tomoatoes that I chopped up and mixed to the concoction that enabled me to eat it at around 2:30 pm. There was some payasam that a neighbour had dropped off a day ago that I had as desert but it tasted funny.

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While having lunch I watched the new X-Files : I Want To Believe movie that I bought last afternoon. That’s 3 movies in the space of 24-26 hours that I have watched. It was a total dissappointment as I will review in an upcoming post. I think they lost the plot somewhere. But it’s getting a lot hotter now and as I sip my hot coffee, I’m starting to sweat a bit. Maybe a shower before dinner will cheer me up but I really do hate this weather.

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