Is It Really Worth The Wait?

“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want?

I don’t agree with it 100%. That seems the way for a lot of us. How about people who get money, fame, fortune and acclaim at a very young age and it stays that way for things that you and I would deem to be not worthy of having such good fortune? Haven’t you gone through your Twitter or Facebook feed and seen images and or links to articles about these same people and wondered, how come they get all the glory and they aren’t even talented? Or they haven’t really worked for it? Or even – is this what famous is all about these days?

And there we are, plugging away day after day, year after year and having so much ideas and dreams and thoughts and it’s all in vain as no one really knows what you are about. And your job stinks, your pay is less and your bank balance is nothing to yell about. And you have a small home and you don’t really get to go anywhere nice for a holiday – not even once every 5 years or so – and you wonder as another years passes you by “is this all really worth it?”

And still you try again and again. When is it coming? Will it ever come? What if it never comes? I hope it comes soon. What if it comes but I don’t have long to enjoy it? It could happen!

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