Is The Search For A Place To Rent Over?

If you remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about looking for a place to stay somewhere in the Angamaly-Koratty area. When I had initially started working at the new job, I had thought that finding a place to stay would be a piece of cake as the place was not too expensive and I got reports from a lot of people that I could even get a house for the kind of budget that I was planning on keeping for my rent. I didn’t want a house as maintaining it would be a big pain in the ass. By March 18th, when the blog post was written, I had given up looking for a 1BHK apartment/flat and looking for either a 2BHK apartment or a portion of a house as a paying guest as these seemed to be more common.

Well in a few more days I would start getting frustrated as I wasn’t getting anywhere in finding a place. I ended up asking all & sundry for a place to rent in Angamaly, my preferred area to stay in. It was just a 15-20 minute bus ride away from the office and seemed like a nice town to stay in with many shops and stores nearby. Surely it isn’t this hard to find a place there. My dad also started asking people he knew to find a place for me. I spoke to auto drivers, security guards at the office complex, colleagues and finally a broker or two. The brokers both told me that they would get a suitable place for me soon and within my budget range as well. I was like ‘ok” and waited more days. The only call back I got was from a broker, who was referred to me by one of my closest friends, and he called me within 30 minutes of me contacting him. I thought, wow that was quick! But it also turned out to be way past my budget. He  had called me to inform that there was a 2BHK apartment in Angamaly for Rs.5000/- and that wasn’t something that I wanted to pay at the moment.

So I am still traveling back & forth from Ernakulam to Koratty and getting tired of it. Doing it everyday is a pain in the butt and I am so tired of it. However there is hope on the horizon and I’m looking forward to trying them out. On Friday, while having lunch at the cafeteria, me & a colleague spoken to a chap sitting next to us. He told us that he is from Ottapalam (about 3 hours away) and was renting a place in Chalakudy. It’s a single bedroom with bathroom attached, a hall and a sitout/balcony area but no kitchen. It’s part of a house that the owners are giving for rent and he is just payig Rs.2500 –and guess what? He also gets 3 meals a day included!! What??? Turns out that the owners are a couple in their 60s whose children are all abroad and hence they give out their two houses for rent. And it turns out that they have a vacancy there as one tenant had just moved back to his hometown.

Is that lucky? I would not mind staying there at all. So he said that he would put in a word for me and that I could probably go by Monday or Tuesday to go look at the place. I was game and said that I would. And then yesterday, someone my dad knows called him up to inform that a friend of his is willing to rent out a 1BHK apartment in Angamaly and that it would be in my budget range. I could go meet this guy and see the place for myself on Monday/Tuesday, post which the owner would discuss the rent with me. Finally I think I might be getting a place for me and I’m kinda excited about it. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and I hope I land one of the two and maybe even move in by the end of the coming week.

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