Is This It?

I’m a little disappointed about the way our client is conducting things in their main office lately. The whole thing started looking like it was a huge deal and there were certain standards to be maintained and that they were so highly organized. And from the 17th of Jan till the 5th it certainly seemed like it was so. But not anymore; I got to speak to a few people and gain some for insight for myself. A bunch of us were talking today after we knocked off from work at around 7:30 pm and it was mutual all around – these guys are so not impressive. I really like what Nijil said about a theory that he has and although at first it seems far-fetched, it doesn’t seem so when I think about it at this moment.

I think about what I went through at my previous company and I wonder if we can implement some changes over here. Time will tell, as the company’s Kerala operations will only be fully functional in late March. Until then we have been told to treat all this as a learning experience and to get as much product knowledge as possible during these days. I am all for it and I think we can teach these guys a thing or too. I must say this for them though – they sure do seem to have a lot more babes around!

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