Issues With Reliance Customer Care Call Center Access

I am now back online after a gap of 3 days. My modem died out on me on Tuesday morning (29th April) and I tried calling my ISP’s, Reliance Broadband, customer care call center but I wasn’t getting through. From 9:45 am on Tuesday till 3pm I kept calling their customer care but to no avail. I get connected to the IVR, enter all the numbers that they want me to and wait till I get connected to a customer care agent – but it just keeps saying “All our customer care representatives are busy on calls, kindly stay online, your call is important to us”!. For 3 whole fucking days this is all I got. I stayed connected for 30 minutes at a stretch, waiting in the queue but I can’t get through. I kept putting my phone on speaker mode and continue doing other stuff, listening to the IVR saying the same thing over and over again for the past 3 days “I’m sorry! All our customer care representatives are still busy on calls. Please stay online. ” After 30 minutes the call gets disconnected and I try again. At 3pm I stopped dialling their call center and waited till 6pm and tried again, same thing till about 11pm.

I did the same thing on Wednesday and not being able to get through, I finally went to a Reliance HUb at around 5:45 pm and told them my problem. However Reliance Hub only caters to Reliance mobile & wireless internet customers and not for broadband. So they gave me a local number to try but the office was closed as it was 6pm. Now Thursday being a holiday, May 1st, the office would stay closed. I tried the call center again several times but still got the same issue; in queue for several minutes before the call being automatically disconnected by the IVR. Finally I got my cousin Sujith to raise a complaint in the Reliance Broadband website and I also found the Appellate Desk number and called them. They transferred the call  to the customer care where one of the agents raised a complaint for me. What a nightmare! Reliance customer care access is totally fucked up. Today about 90 minutes ago, a technical guy from Reliance came over to my place and replaced the faulty modem for me and now things are back to normal.

Now how do I go about the problem of getting connected to the customer care? Both the guy who came to replace my modem as well as the Reliance Hub rep told me that the call center has problems in connectivity from time to time. Ok, but 3 whole days in a row? C’mon, Reliance is it a Customer Care Call Center or Customer Don’t Care Call Center?

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