It’s A Long Day

It’s back to the grind again. Day shifts are so difficult for me especially when I have to conduct training. I am begining to get memories of December – January when I had anything between 11-13 work shifts due to a crunch situation and short staffing in my department. And I swore that I would never go through that again. And yet here I am again. Atleast I hope that this time it’s only for today and that it is just an aberration.

I have just had a very long day. I woke up by 6 am and left for the office by 7:50 am. Having reached there by 8:30 am I went to get things ready and due to a training room crunch I was to get the new joinees to the company into a van and take them to another, smaller office we have 8 kms away and conduct the training there. I met the new folks, told them to get ready and that I would wait for them at the front door lobby. I then went to get print outs and met the new guys at the lobby and guided them to the waiting van. Me and the 13 of them rode to the other office for 25 minutes and by 9:30 am we were at the center.

After sorting out stuff there I started the training, broke for lunch at 1:30 pm and at 5:30 pm I stopped the training and got the return van back to the main office. I had coffee at 6:20 pm and started more work, completing the work and reports and left for home via an Uber at 8:45pm! I reached home and cooked my dinner of instant noodles with some scrambled eggs and drank water as I sat in front of the computer. It’s now 10:45 pm and I will sleep by around midnight and wake up by 6 am tomorrow. What a day!

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