It’s A Small World Afterall

the telling download It’s a small world. I left my previous company as I was not being paid what I should get, I didn’t get a pay hike for 3 years, they piled work on me in such a way that for the last 6 months I was doing 3 jobs and all in all their HR screwed me over. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t love my job and that I didn’t have many friends and well-wishers there. But that just wasn’t enough and watching people who joined after me, and who looked to me for guidance, get promoted while I was stuck at where I was was too much and I left.

It’s almost 22 months later. I have learnt that my current employers which is a BPO is going to take over my old company’s customer care section! My former employers are finalizing the deal to start outsourcing their customer care call center to my current company and it’s expected to be up and running by February.

It’s a small world!

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