It’s All A Zoo

How Do You Feel About Zoos?

On one hand I feel it is great for kids and adults as well to learn more about, see and learn to appreciate the animals of the wild a whole lot more. It is a great educational system and if maintained properly and housed animals that would be safe in proper enclosures and with plenty of food and areas to roam, it could be a good thing for the animal. The animals might even be kept safe from any predatory ones in the wild.

However it seems cruel to keep animals in confined spaces and displayed for the entertainment (no matter that there might be a lot of well meaning people out there who have genuine love for and want their families to be educated about these animals) and often the conditions are crueler than what they appear to the layman. I have often wondered that should a majestic lion or tiger be in a cage and in a zoo or out free to roam the jungles. We humans have taken up so much of the land and the wild has less and less space to roam about every year. I wish we could get a compromise – like another planet or something.

So back to the question at hand, I am so-so on the zoos. If it is a like a safari then I think it would be much better for the animals.

Prompt from The Learning Network at The New York Times

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