It’s All Relative

How would you get along with your sibling(s), parent(s), or any other person you’ve known for a long time — if you only met them for the first time today?

I guess we all have problems with our family members including uncles, aunts and cousins and other assorted creatures who just happen to be somewhere in the mix of relatives either related by blood or marriage to someone in your family. And it’s not possible to be happy-happy joy joy and like everyone all the time. It’s just not possible. Having positive relationships with as many people as possible is good.

However are we close and spend time with some of our relatives, if not all, just because we have known them for so long and because they are our relatives? It seems to me that it is true. Certainly you cannot care to be around all of your relatives that much if you had the choice. Some of them might be assholes. You do not choose your relatives, they happen to be thrust upon you.

If I met some of my relatives now for the very first time, I might not want to spend time with them once I know a bit about them. I might stay away and say that I am not interested in them. But what can you do? You are related!

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