It’s Been A Hard Night’s Day

Another long day at work. Or another long night. I am already working an extra hour all 5 days for this week but yesterday I had to stretch for an additional two more! So instead of 4:30 pm to 1:30 am, I worked from 3:30 pm till 3:30 am and I reached home only by 4:30 am!! And oh yeah I left home by 2 pm and reached the office by 2:40 pm so that’s a lot of hours. I am so tired. I tried sleeping in late for a bit but managed perhaps 5 hours and woke up a little after 9:30 am – once it is sunny and bright outside, despite the curtains which aren’t shutting out the sunshine that much on a bright day like this, I can’t sleep much. Had it been a rainy or cloudy day, I might still be sleeping at 1 pm!

So here I sit like a zombie….waiting for Carol to come and finish me off while I go “arraahh arrhhhh” at her…. drinking two humongous cups of strong black coffee in quick succession just so I can prop my eyelids open. I will be going in to work only by 4 pm today and I just hope that I don’t sleep off by 10pm – I most likely will.

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