It’s Down To The Last Four

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That’s a very strange looking line up for the 2010 World Cup semifinal. Infact at the beginning of the tournament I guess only Spain were a big favourite. However it was Spain who have looked the least impressive in reaching the last 4 stage, but they have been consistent with 1-0 wins in their last two matches against Portugal and Paraguay respectively. So except for their first match, a dismal 0-1 loss to Switzerland (who didn’t even make it past the group stage) Spain have been solid even if they haven’t made sparks fly as of yet. However every Spanish squad player and fan alike would prefer a cup win instead of flashy & impressive wins, if you ask them.

The biggest shock so far was the demolition of Argentina by a strong Germany. 4-0 victory? Highly unlikely you would have said just before the start of the match. Germany have thrashed in 8 goals in the last two matches to oust their old rivals England & Argentina and are looking very impressive. If Germany do win the cup, my vote for player of the tournament is going to Miroslav Klose – the way he has scored goals and come back after that red card against Serbia is awesome. And he is towards the end of his career at the age of 32 and probably playing in his last world cup.

Uruguay have surprised me as well an so far they have been excellent. They faced the Cinderella team of the tournament Ghana and beat them via the penalty shoot-out after a hard fought 1-1 draw. There’s only a few names from their squad that I am familiar with and their achievement is nothing short of wonderful. Can they go on and win the tournament? Unlikely but still it’s a great tournament for them. Which brings me to their semi-final opponent and my fav – Netherlands.

Despite  beating Brazil and having won each & every match they have played so far, I’m still not sure that the Dutch will win the cup. The reason is that their strikers aren’t banging in the goals and it’s left to the wingers to get them. Dirk Kuyt, Robin Van Persie & Jan-Klaus Hunterlaar have only scored one goal each, while Wesley Snijder has 4. Arjen Robben has 1 but he is just back from injury. I’d like to see Van Persie & Kuyt getting into the box and scoring a few.

So which two teams will reach the final? Most people are predicting a Netherlands vs Germany final by the way things are going but I wouldn’t write off Spain yet. They are quite but might have saved the best for the last stages of the competition. And Uruguay will have nothing to prove and hence nothing to lose and everything to gain. All the best teams!

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