It’s The Cruelest Summer

The state of Kerala has been transformed into one big hot oven

  • Palakkad (Palghat) has hit the highest – 41.5 degrees Celsius  yesterday. 6 people were affected by sunstroke in the city.
  • Punalur (in Kollam district) was the next highest at 39 degrees
  • In most of the remaining districts, it varied between 33 and 35 degree celsius.
  • The IMO predicts that the days ahead will be no different.
  • The maximum temperature in the state has risen by .2 degrees while the minimum has risen by .9 degrees.
  • As of now, summer diseases like chicken pox have not been reported but…look out!
  • Power consumption in the state has risen by leaps & bounds. I myself use the ceiling fan and a pedestal fan.

Now I know what a melting ice cream cone feels like!

2 thoughts on “It’s The Cruelest Summer

  1. In Palakkad now.Can’t sit inside home even with two fans running. KSEB is doing their duty by cutting off supply every 30 mins. Now terrace is the best option during night..

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