It’s The Simple Things That Matter

How can you show your family that you love them?

Well that is quite simple I guess. You do things for them that makes them feel happy. You get them dinners that they will like, you check what they are in the mood for and then either take them out or order in. You give them little gifts of things that will please them and that they would really enjoy.

Look for activities or things that your family may enjoy doing together. Take a trip, go for a vacation and ensure that this is something that everyone will enjoy. Try to make it so that there is something for everyone. If it is a trip, fill it with locations and activities for everyone old or young. Involve everyone in the decision making and get a consensus that everyone can agree upon.

Otherwise just spend time together. Every week or 2-3 times a week look for family time. Watch a movie together, cook a meal, prepare desserts and or cocktails/mocktails together. Try to find those things to do, doesn’t matter how simple it is or the duration – quality is what matters. These kind of decision making and doing things together will make the family unit happier and the relationships that much more healthier.

Prompt from Lalilo February ’22 Writing Prompt Calendar at

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