It’s Time For A New Phone

I’ve been using my BlackBerry Curve 8320, named Cindy, from Jan 1st 2010. Yes I know the model is outdated, infact it was outdated when I bought it but I couldn’t afford any of the newer one from RIM. I spent a  good deal of time waiting to get it and loved using the phone all this while.

But 2 years is 2 years and also she is damaged my Cindy. A few months back while at the office someone dragged a bag on a table without seeing that I had kept my phone for charging on the very same table. The phone went flying in the air and landed 10 feet away. A month later, something similar happened, an accident with some other colleague and my poor phone had a hard drop once again. Now it says a lot about the sturdiness of the phone and build quality because I am still able to use the phone. But issues started popping up.

The trackball is stuck and it won’t move the cursor down or to the left or right only upwards. I tried cleaning it but it still has issues. Hence I can’t use a lot of options on the menu. Also the phone stops reading the SIM at times and I have to remove the SIM, place it back in and reboot the phone once again. Which takes a lot of time and I end up being out of coverage a lot of times when it’s a matter with the phone. It’s beyond repair and the only option was to get a new one. But I was broke.

But fear not! An old Idea colleague & friend of mine, now working in a Delhi based company is their Admin manager. He was recently told to buy 500 brand new BBs for the entire management and executive staff of his company by the bosses. And so he did and with the order he got a huge discount for the bulk order. Bold 9780s for upper management (AMs & Managers) and executives get a Curve 3G for a knockdown price. So he said that he would send me one at dirt cheap prices and that I could pay him slowly. What’s the discount you ask? Well a Bold 9780, which is the phone I’m getting, goes for Rs.20,000 to Rs.22,000 in all the local places that I have checked here. I’m getting it at …………….Rs. 8000! No, that is not a typo, it’s a discount of atleast 12000 bucks! And I owe it to my friend as he arranged the discounted sale on the basis of ordering 500 other BlackBerrys.

Or should I say WhiteBerry because yesterday he told me that the phone he is sending me is a white one!

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  1. I know I’m a freak but I still don’t have a mobile phone. People almost fall over when I tell them they’ll have to call me on the landline. Someone even asked me if I was Amish. That cracked me up for days. Your Whiteberry looks good. Hope you enjoy it!

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