It’s Time To Brush!

This morning I was in for a rude shock that shook me up and woke me up real good. Actually I was awake when this happened but I was only half-awake.

You see, the alarm woke me around 6:30 am and sleepy eyed I went into the bathroom and did a half hearted attempt at washing my face awake. I then proceeded to pick up my toothbrush and toothpaste. Or what I thought was my toothpaste!

I’ve been using Colgate Gel toothpaste which comes in a bright red tube almost exclusively now. And for the last few month, I’ve been using AXE shaving cream which comes in a predominantly dark blue tube. Two days back when I went to the store, they had run out of AXE so instead I picked up a tube of Old Spice Shaving cream – which comes in a bright… red….coloured tube!

Needless to say, I squeezed some Old Spice shaving cream onto my toothbrush and brushed my teeth. It burned and stung my tongue and my teeth felt like it’s was on fire. I quickly spat it out and washed my teeth & tongue with water. I then brushed my teeth with the proper toothpaste and then, just before drinking 2 cups of coffee, I chewed on some Orbit chewing gum to get rid of the taste.

But even now, 15 hours or so later and after breakfast, lunch, more coffee and dinner, I can still feel my teeth protesting! Sheesh!

One thought on “It’s Time To Brush!

  1. Hahaha, that happened to me too but I got the smell of the Old Spice cream and when I checked closely I realized what I had actually done.

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