I’ve Anti-Spammed Myself

I recently activated the anti-spam plugin Akismet for my blog. I’ve had it for a very long time but it was lying inactive for all while. I had another anti-spam software that seemed to do the job well enough for me, although it did bury the occasional actual comment.

Then when I changed to this particular theme that I currently have, I noticed that the anti-spam was not working. Not compatible or something. I tried deactivating it and then reactivating it, hoping that it would clear up but it didn’t. Even deleting it, then downloading it again and installing it didn’t do the trick. So I had to look for a replacement. Akismet was already around, so why not give it a shot?

It also seemed to be the choice as far as most bloggers I know go to when it comes to anti-spamming. So I activated it and it seems to be working fine with one tiny glitch – it seems to be blocking all my replies to comments on my own blog! What the fuck? I can’t reply back to comments on my own blog! I have to click on the Spam options and then select my replies and click on ‘Not Spam’ and then approve my comments. It’s getting a bit annoying and I’m pissed off.

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